Trying It On

I’d just like to make a note of this, and warn everyone coming here to this area in Portugal, although it probably applies to most areas.

It is unfortunate that many or at least quite a few people have overpaid for their piece of land that they’ve bought here in Portugal. It has ramifications, because the locals trade amongst themselves, at the going price and then will often try and flog it off to a foreigner for multiple times what they paid for it. It’s a bit like a disease, more like a fever, some kind of rush, that I see happening. It’s precipitated by those who are fooled into believing that what they are buying is a good price. I include myself in this equation. I came in enthusiastically and very naive. I bought at double what the guy who sold it to me bought for. So is it a good price if the guy who you just bought it from has just bought it for half the price he sold it to you for? Or even less? I’ve seen one piece one guy was trying to sell for 20k and I later found out he’d not even bought it yet, but had agreed to buy it for 2000. Another that was purchased by a guy for 3k and trying to flog it to foreigners for 50k, just cos it was on the river. You hear all kinds of incredible stories, but basically it’s like a gold rush in little Africa. You’re the rich foreigner who’s going to line their pockets with gold. I’ve been getting more and more involved with this kind of thing here in Portugal and I can tell you it’s goddam frustrating dealing with them (especially as a foreigner). One guy wanted to know who I was going to show his land to. He’d set his price, but If they were going to be dutch then it would be an extra 5k, and then if they were German it would have been an extra 5 on top of that again. It’s just sickening, but that’s what you have here.

Don’t be the fool. Get advice, do your research, get help (if you contact me I’ll try and put you in touch with good local people that can help you) but most of all don’t rush, and BE PATIENT! That’s how it works here. If you rush, you will only feed the fever and make it worse for others who come after you. The objective is to repopulate rural Portugal with the right people. That includes young Portuguese people, so if you purchase land at extortionate prices then you are only contributing to speculation and pricing the Portuguese youth (or any youth for that matter) out of the market. I personally would like to see A LOT more Portuguese youth return to the rural areas to help regenerate the land, along with youth from all over. Let’s be aware of our actions. I’ve said my bit, but I’m sure I’ll say more when the time comes. Please feel free to comment below.

Chicken Fortress Strikes Back

It was quite a while ago when the chicken fortress was compromised by pesky critters, and since then I’ve just not had the time to get it back in action. So it’s come as a saving grace that Itay (from Israel) got in touch through Earth Neighbours with the intention to come visit and help out. He helped me out with a few things, one of which was rigging up a more secure door for the chicken fortress. Thank you Itay! And then I can’t not mention Bart, my crazy polish friend who has left me all that scaffolding. Real nice stuff! It’s come in dead handy as a temporary solution for the refurb project. In fact, I reckon with all that scaffolding I can turn the chicken fortress into a chicken hotel! We just put the scaffolding up, used a few old pallets, an old 44 gallon drum, some old tyres and some roof sheeting that I picked up from Manuel the Junk Yard Dog around the corner (for only 4 bucks a sheet – Bargain!) … and what a better way to make use of the recently acquired mulch than to use as bedding in the chicken fortress. The overturned bath tub on top of the tyres makes for two nice cosy little nests for those looking to get away from the crowd. Nicely done that is. Only took us a few hours to get the interior sorted. With my truck now and the mulch collecting I reckon I could make this a seriously deep litter system. It will be like a 5 star hotel for chickens and they’ll be producing for me lots of good compost!

I’ve also used Bart’s scaffolding to cover the tank that I have located just outside the chicken fortress. I needed to put some permaculture strategy into action. i.e. slow the water down. In this case slowing it down from going up through evaporation! The shade cloth is not great, not my favourite solution, but until I get vines planted then it will have to suffice as a crappy plastic solution (I hate plastic!!).

So I’m all geared up and ready for chickens again! Anyone got any for sale or up for doing an exchange then I would love to hear from you. Otherwise I might have to visit the local market and salvage some of those poor scruffy little creatures that are sold down there. Perhaps that might be the most humane thing to do. Save them from a life of despair and bring them into a life of luxury! Maybe they’ll be so overjoyed they’ll start laying eggs like there’s no tomorrow ūüôā

More fotos of the chicken fortress during it’s development …

Getting there …
Willi approves!

Mulching Success

It felt like a satisfying moment today, having picked up my first lot of garden clippings from the local village with my recently acquired truck I bought from one of the locals.

I’m sure the gardener from the local village was chuffed that I’d cut down his workload and I was chuffed that I could get so much, so quickly and so close to home. I trust that it’s the start of something new. The idea is to offer this service to all locals, as a free pickup, especially for any kind of organic matter that would normally just be burned off. The idea is to try and get locals off the idea of just burning off organic matter and start showing the value in it by demonstrating that there are people willing to pick it up for free.

Next step would be to get a wood chipper that can be carried around for on site work where there will be branch trimmings etc that need picking up. If there is anyone out there who would like to make a donation towards a chipper then please don’t feel intimidated ūüôā

I’ve started advertising my service around the local area. So far I’ve had some very happy clients. You can see more details here. Another fine way to fund my project. If you need my service for anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! It’s all for a good cause.

Fire Season 2017

The fire season is upon us. It’s the time that keeps reminding us the huge problem that this ‘country’ faces. I put country in apostraphes because I have no idea what a country is any more. I thought it had to do with culture but it appears to me that most cultures have been subverted by some idea of inspiring people to become productive economic units, and hence making a country nothing more than a corporation and it’s leaders just soulless CEO’s. I don’t know why they’re portrayed as leaders. They’re simple followers, not even smart it seems. It seems to me that Portugal has been tagged by the ‘powers that be’ as a place where we can grow lots of eucalyptus for the purpose of producing toilet paper so that the rest of Europe can wipe it’s arse with its ‘commodity’. Of course, it’s not anybody’s fault right? I mean people gotta make a living, but what if the real deal is that Portugal is being ‘encouraged’ by EU, ECB, IMF (they’re all the same thing) to produce whatever the hell they have to in order to pay back the debt that they’ve accrued with European Central Banks and so hence, encourage governments to encourage people to plant ‘unsuitable’ species here with complete disregard for informing them of the fact that they only help to degrade the soil, dry up water sources and contribute to creating infernos that kill off whatever wildlife this ‘country’ has (and now even people, by literally creating roads to hell – roadsides just deep with eucalyptus plantation). Let’s also try and imagine how much it costs Portuguese government to fight all these fires and where does all that money come from? Furthering the depth of debt and death. Anyone with some kind of conspiracy mind could possibly think that it’s end game is to create a land grab scenario where those with all the cash can come in and buy up land for pennies in the dollar, once the ‘government’ fails its ‘debt obligations’. It’s happened before, and hasn’t that already happened to Greece? Of course a lot of that is just my own twisted suspicions and I’m obviously having a good rant. There are others out there who’ve done more research it and come up with interesting conclusions / views. This is quite a good article worth reading I think …

The Eucalypt Invasion of Portugal

Personally I think that if you are coming to Portugal as some kind of get away, somewhere to live the good life. You better think twice. It’s not for the weak of heart, and if you’re not coming here to become part of the solution, then you may only end up becoming an innocent victim, or potentially even part of the problem. I would suggest that you come prepared. Last year fire in Portugal destroyed nearly 116,000 hectares and accounted for half of all forests destroyed by fire in EU. There are many stories behind how these fires start, I could try and go into all the stories that I’ve read and heard but here is someone that may have a little more to say about it then me: Hern√Ęni Carvalho – H√° uma ind√ļstria do Fogo escondida dos Portugueses.

Sadly, the other day a fire started on my neighbour’s land, with a steel blade brushcutter, so yes, these things do happen, and sometimes they are accidents – however the use of steel blades on brushcutters, as well as toppers (capinadeira) on tractors have been prohibited during high fire risk season and incurs at minimum a hefty fine. Be aware. My farm was so lucky to have survived this incident. First of all the wind was going in the opposite direction (which is opposite of the normal prevailing winds), however it was still crept towards mine. Luckily we managed to get the call out early and were eventually received with several fire trucks, followed by one helicopter, then 2 planes along with 8 or so friends. It was all pure luck. If there were any other fires happening at the time in Portugal then I’m sure I wouldn’t have received that kind of attention from the fire department – my friends though, most certainly yes, and with the wind in my favour we were lucky enough to stop it only a few metres from within reaching the boundary of my land. It was a heroic effort from everyone involved and I’m so thankful.

Land here in Portugal is cheap, but there is a reason for that. The country is poor. During my search for land in Portugal I bumped into a guy I’d known from my London days, and told me that Portugal is like a little Africa in Europe. Well, considering the curious stare I get from most people it does resemble the feeling of being a white man in black Africa, Perhaps he was referring more to the fact that it’s poor and quite wild in the way that things work. Wild as in the same sense as ‘wild west’.

A word of caution when buying land here in Portugal. There are some people out there that will try and sell you land with the illusion that what you are buying is cheap, or at best, a fair price, but unfortunately if you’re a foreigner then the likelihood of that being true is, well … ‘relative’. There are many out there selling land who will try and make you believe their intentions are pure. Just be careful. Seek advice from local friends if you have any, otherwise, if you need some advice from a trustworthy agent (of change) on whether a piece of land that you’re interested in is fairly priced, then get in touch, and I’ll either try and help you myself or put you in touch with a trusted person that can help you, however there will be a cost for this valuable service, and you should be happy to pay it, as it it’s about creating a social economy for people and projects worthy of support. If you are financially challenged then exchange possibilities may exist. As they say in Permaculture … It all depends. I know that if you understand and trust what the vision of Earth Neighbours is about and you are willing to support it with your heart then it will prove to be a very valuable and worthwhile service for you.

I’ve also been starting work on creating a network, of trusted local people, that can be available to help people with finding land for their off-grid, sustainability, permaculture regeneration project. The idea is to build a small economy from this. Something that can help to sustain the people who are ‘on the ground’ and with good intentions. The network will start local, and small, but it will grow to cover all areas. It all starts with one to one. Peer to peer. The basis of all direct and honest communication. If you’re interested in supporting then please get in touch. If you’re interested in knowing more then stay tuned. First priority right now is creating fire breaks in case any other fires break out close by …

Seeds of Abundance

2016 has been hard work.¬†Most times I wasn’t sure if I was running in circles pursuing wasteful ventures. At another¬†point I didn’t know if I was being encircled by sharks.¬†A particular struggle the last 3 months that felt like an onslaught.

Is this a pattern in nature? Another cycle to teach me something new?

Admittedly it’s left me realising that things are not as I would like them to be. I’m needing to reevaluate things on a more serious level with respects to where I’m putting¬†my valuable energy.¬†It feels like I’m putting out a lot¬†of effort into generating an income but somehow the efforts seem thwarted and it’s led me to feeling very frustrated.¬†I’m obviously doing something wrong. I’d firmly committed myself to working hard this year with the land connection service¬†and I was clear with myself that I didn’t want to go back to Oz to¬†work for cash. However, it’s¬†seriously challenging to cope with here. Making a living is not so easy in outback Portugal¬†and dealing with the local people can be quite complicated. Nothing is ‘straight up’, and things rarely go as you’d expect them to.¬†Don’t get me wrong. It’s been a year of great learning for me but it’s been complicated and¬†dealing with people is not always easy, especially when you’re doing it ALL THE TIME! I also started feeling the disease of being busy, and my patience started running very low.¬†All this activity in pursuit of what? An answer perhaps, to the¬†question of how to live my life so that I can pursue what I love while living in abundance?

I’m not really sure what I can tell you about abundance. I’ve got a lot to learn obviously. I know what I can tell you about my life recently¬†– and it’s a been a bitch. Literally (and litter-ally)!¬†We called her Abundance (or Bunda for short).¬†She was a wild one (and still is) who strayed onto the land. She never came very close to us, but she was always¬†wily for food. If we had our backs turned she would walk right in through the front door and help herself to whatever she could find.¬†At first I kept¬†chasing her away, thinking that she would leave¬†at some point but she liked hanging out with my¬†boys, Willi and Jobi, and they liked her, so¬†it was difficult to take measures to stop them from mingling. Before we’d even knew it, she was pregnant. It wouldn’t have happened if my two boys had have been sterilised in the¬†spring, but alas money (or lack thereof) made things complicated. I guess I never expected to¬†be living hand to mouth.¬†I know though, through speaking with others¬†that this is also part of the struggles on the path that¬†many of us have¬†chosen here. Regardless of this, we accepted this wild thing into our life¬†and took responsibility for her care. We named her Abundance (Bundancia in Portuguese), as a metaphor for what we were desiring in our lives. Little did I¬†know what Bunda’s presence¬†would lead me to learn¬†about abundance.

Yes, some of this journey through 2016¬†has been¬†quite¬†novel and some of it was very enjoyable without a doubt, but underlying a lot of it I would feel a kind of overwhelm and it ultimately led to me feeling like as if life was¬†throwing things at me from behind a wall, built of frustration, teasing¬†me with every attempt I made to get over it. It all¬†came to a climax during the 13 Bundles of Abundance saga, with one of the 13 puppies (yes, that’s right, she had 13 of them), Tai, breaking his leg, resulting in costly surgery. Then a few days after having¬†got back he started looking unwell and just couldn’t hold anything down. I thought the surgery had infected him, so I rushed him back to the vets to soon¬†discover that he’d contracted the potentially fatal Parvo Virus. That not being bad enough, while he was interned the other 6 puppies that we’re waiting¬†to be rehomed with their new carers in January started¬†showing symptoms also.

We had no money for any of this, and we’d already set up a Go Get Funding Campaign¬†to keep the 13 Bundles of Abundance fed and cared for¬†until December¬†when we had aimed to have found homes for them all. Well, we successfully reached our target and found homes for all 13 pups. That was a mission in itself. Then because of Tai’s broken leg I¬†did a¬†special shout out on the same campaign¬†and was twice lucky to receive so much so soon, so much more even than we needed. We thought we’d even be able to cover the costs to have the wild mother Bunda’s neutering operation and my two boys as well, but then this!? At that point I felt like I was reaching my limit, and edging towards breakdown. I started feeling paralysed somehow, mentally. What was I going to do? I knew that we couldn’t afford to take them all to the vets.¬†So now¬†I just felt completely overwhelmed, Was¬†I going to ask again now? For more? We’d already received over 800 euros in kind donations from friends and people we knew, and now. I need to go out there and ask for more?¬†To save these pups that I’ve raised and¬†because I never had my dogs neutered in the first place? Are you kidding me? Now I have to subject myself to the assault of all the righteously indignant and opinionated folk out there who are going to tell me how irresponsible I’ve been (even though really that was the least of my worries)? I felt like a heavy weight in my heart. What I was concerned about most was that these pups that we’d spent caring for over 3 months were going to die if I didn’t take action, and I didn’t even feel equipped to deal with it.

It was of some comfort that there was three of us in the house. Fran, Amy and me, and we’d all done some research to indicate¬†that it was possible to cure the disease at home, so we came to a group decision that we were going to try and save the remaining 6 without taking them to the vets. We did our best to¬†equip ourselves as best we could by reading¬†articles such as the ones we found on Dogs Naturally Magazine¬†and Earth Clinic¬†for example. I put all my work¬†on hold so¬†that I could give this my fullest attention and fight this battle to the end, right here at home. We¬†armed ourselves with colloidal silver (which we already had), activated charcoal, electrolyte solution and because we couldn’t get an IV kit due to¬†it being new years eve, we opted for¬†enema bags which we read could be used also¬†in case of no IV kit available.¬†I thought we were prepared, but we weren’t …

It was heartbreaking when we saw how horribly aggressive¬†this virus was. Tatanka (aka Chunk) and Buddhi (the biggest and the smallest) died within 2 days and I quickly realised that we really weren’t fitted out¬†to give them the best care they needed, so we immediately brought the remaining 4 to the same vet hospital where Tai was being treated in Viseu. That was in the early morning of January 1st. Yeah, Happy New Year (one I wouldn’t forget)! Taking 4 sick pups to the vets who we didn’t¬†even know were¬†going to make it, yet knowing, that it was going to cost us something that would be way over our limit. I was bewildered. Before they could be admitted, I had to sign on the dotted line to have them interned. Can you feel the oppression in that? Not feeling like you can even pay to care for your loved ones?

So I humbled myself again. I had to find a way to do my best for them. It was a final act of compassion and love for them. I had to bow down and eat humble pie and ask people for more, so that we could pay our dues. This time I started another campaign on Go Get Funding as an SOS for the remaining of the 13 Bundles. During the campaign 2 of the pups (Bob and White Paw) died while interned at the vet hospital. We never expected it, we thought they were stronger than the others, but I guess that strength and resilience are not the same. Only two of them came out as survivors. In the end the costs for just those 4 totalled like something around 1400 euros (sigh).

The response of kindness we got from the second campaign just bowled me over. I really didn’t expect it. I ‘should have’ felt jubilated, yet all I could feel was some kind of anger, shame, pity and heaviness. Why am I having to be¬†asking like this? Why must I be suffering this kind of poverty and oppression? Why am I not even feeling lucky and happy that people are being so kind to us? Am I a manic depressive? Is there something wrong with me? Come on Millo, look on the bright side of life. It’s not all bad. No? OK then. Yeah, maybe I am just a depressive. That doesn’t ring true¬†for me¬†either though, because nobody knows my life, my experience, my circumstances, my internal what’s going ons. All I know is what my experience of oppression feels like and it’s not pleasant. That’s why when I hear people ‘out there’ try to tell me (or someone, or everyone) ‘how it is’ and ‘how it should be’, and what’s right and what’s wrong¬†then I feel like they really don’t understand. Everyone is a guru and everyone has something to say in this age of awakening, yet still somehow few seem capable of simply being still and¬†listening.¬†Fewer even that are capable of asking the right questions to help others with finding their own answers. It was only by the fire that night, on January the 1st as we cremated Buddhi and Chunk, that I received¬†some answers with¬†any meaning for me …

I have more than I need.
Let it all burn,
The anger, the doubts, the fear.
Into the fire, Let it all burn.

RIP – Buddhi and Tatanka

That’s why I need to write this down. So that I don’t forget these powerful ‘teachings’. These¬†teachings that come from within and not from listening to external sources. The truth is that nobody can teach me how to grow, in the same way that no one can teach a seed how to grow. I am a¬†seed, in the same way that we are all seeds.¬†Seeds of change. I guess the question is if we have the courage to face our¬†demons that appear out of¬†the firey hell to burn us down as we rise up out of the soil, our womb, and into the light (the path of¬†our¬†dreams and inspiration).¬†The seeds of abundance¬†are in my hands.

So what’s my 2017 resolution, to break my¬†‘pattern’ of anger, fear and doubt?

I’m going to retreat, find some peace and silence so that¬†I can refocus again¬†on finding a way to live an abundant life doing what I love. I’m going to learn to say NO to things instead of saying yes all the time. I’m going to start by not taking any visitors here for a while, not atleast until I feel that I’m strong and ready again. Maybe I’ll go away somewhere quiet. I need¬†some alone time¬†to nurture my souls needs and my inner¬†seeds.

Two Kinda of People

It’s funny,

I’m beginning to make distinctions, some crazy dualisms, in this ‘out of the matrix’ society that is building around me.

I seem to have identified something in this ‘movement’, of people back to the land, desiring to live ‘off-grid’. Or perhaps rather than something that I’ve identified, it’s just a feeling, between those who I resonate with and those who I don’t. Where I feel love, or at least some interest, and where I don’t. I guess there are many ways to tell it, but let me tell it how I tell it …

Let’s just say that there is¬†two kinda people in this¬†world. Those who are inspired, feel the call to act on the volition of¬†their hearts, follow their dreams, and¬†are willing to see themselves in others, and then there are those who have either been distracted, or are running away from something (usually their own shadows), their motivation or action coming from fear (as opposed to inspiration).

Another thing that I’ve witnessed¬†in some¬†people is the incapacity to really listen. To truly listen. With empathy. To just be still, and listen. They will either be hearing something completely different, or just plain not understanding, but pretending that they do (and I’m not talking about old portuguese village folk).¬†I’m just saying that for some reason some people’s ability to listen is severely undermined. Usually because¬†they’re in need of healing of some sort, and¬†funnily enough, there is a healing effect simply from ‘being present’ for someone and listening, let alone empathy. I must admit, it’s hard to always be present and empathic with people, (especially when there are so many intense people around), but we all got to try, and I really appreciate¬†the kind of people that do try.

One other thing that I’ve witnessed here is listening to people so full of their own knowledge that there is no chance for anything new to enter. They’re watertight. That would really impress me¬†if they¬†were a damn holding a few megalitres of water (especially in this sandy landscape), but we’re all human beings, and we are¬†streams, so we gotta flow.¬†It’s not that I have anything agains’t knowledge, it’s just that knowledge is no match for kindness.

I think it’s important to share these things sometimes for the benefit of being … transparent, or maybe just being clear about¬†knowing what it is that I’m wanting to attract around me:

  1. Those who feel inspired and are acting on the volition of their dreams and visions. Those who have taken a great leap of faith, knowing that we are living in times of great change and that it is possible to live together if we don’t run from our¬†own shadows.
  2. Those who are able to speak honestly and non-violently. Those who have the capacity (or are inspired to develop the capacity) to listen.
  3. Those who value kindness over knowledge.

Simple, huh? That’s how I like things. Like The Four Agreements (for example):

1. Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions
Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4. Always Do Your Best
Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

Sounds pretty simple huh? Fact is, it’s incredibly hard, At least I’m beginning to see now that things are not always meant to be easy and that¬†it’s¬†the challenges that bring us closer to¬†the light.

Justin’s Dam Fine Work

Justin is an enquiring and tinkering engineer (fully qualifiied I might add). He’s done some great work here on Quinta das Moitas during his first visit and now he’s been back now for the second time around. This time he completed a¬†little project involved with making sure I can easily access clean drinking water here at Quinta das Moitas.

A water source from a rock face was dammed creating a settlement tank before the water gets drawn off to fill the main storage tank and to supply fresh drinking water. The water overflows and fills a small pond that feeds a two tiered (terraced) garden before eventually seeping into the main growing area. Pics do not show the complete layout but you should get the idea. The sediment and nutrient in the settlement area and overflow pond can then be put directly into the growing areas.

The project still needs the tiered gardens to be completed (more soil and planting) but the main engineering is complete.

It is what it is and it works magnificently.







Designed and built by Millo and Justin.

Quick Post, Small Steps …

Ever feel like there’s not enough time to do everything you want? Going with the flow anyway …

So yeah, as usual, I feel like I’d like to be writing more, but hence my energy is called to many directions. I figure if I can put small posts, keeping regular updates then that would be better than a big post every now and again. Let’s see if I can manage to get into gear of doing ‘quick posts’.

A lof of news to tell, but I’ll obiously just deal with what I can …

We finally found a home for the last of wild Bunda’s special 13 puppies – yes you heard right – 13!. That was a serious mission! I couldn’t have done it without the help of my dearest friend Franji Freedom. Another initiation on our journey.¬†We also managed to get funding and find most of their new carers through a Facebook page we made for them called ‘13 Bundles of Abundance‘. I’m hoping that all carers will continue to post onto the page so that we can continue to see how each of the pups are developing.

I’ve just bought another¬†‘cheap and crappy’ caravan for a couple of hundred euro from a young gypsy guy. I’d like this done up as ‘Gypsy Caravan’ in honor of it’s previous travellin days, now parked safely (and hopefully permanently) on my land …

So now I have 2 cheap and crappy caravans, waiting to be fixed up for when I have the time, or when I can find suitable work exchange volunteers who would love¬†a project like this. Here’s a foto of the other one I got from a friend with whom I did an exchange deal with. It’s condition is pretty much similar, slightly better, but needs work!


This is the one that I’ve already fixed up and that I’m now living in. Built using mostly material that I had in the barn. I’ve only got fotos of before and after …

Before: I had to gut the thing completely due to carpenter ants. Then I added boric acid to the paper mache plaster, just in case. Then I sealed it up nice & tiight, put new insulation in and put the lining back on in jigsaw puzzle fashion.
After: All ends cosy in¬†a smile ūüôā

I guess I do run the risk of being labeled as some kind of gypsy from the locals, but with a face like that? …

The benefit of caravans, for me at least, is that they¬†can be rebuilt/reburbished quite quickly &¬†efficiently and provide reasonably comfortable accommodation for people wanting to stay on the land, whether it be for temporary or permanent volunteers. This place seems to have also naturally become a place where people camp during their search for their peace of land (So, in a sense, it has become the bridge and meeting place that was symbolised¬†in my dream that brought me here to Portugal). I am feeling much more comfortable¬†now, to having people stay on the land while they’re looking for they’re own bit. I’ve been very busy with that, working together with my partner Franji Freedom, and things in Portugal are always so ‘complicado’. It leaves little time for work ‘on the land’, which is a problem for me. I like to work on the land. I’ve been here 6 years now and really feel like I want to inject more¬†‘juice’ into land¬†development. So hence I really need to focus on getting more living space around here for¬†‘self reliant’ volunteers¬†who can competently carry out work¬†and¬†fund the whole operation so that everyone who comes here is well fed.

mr-short-eared-owlI’ll keep the post short and try and write again, sooner rather than later. Until then, wishing peace & flow in times of¬†craziness. Speaking of which, let me just share some of the craziness around here. On our way back one evening from a friends place in the mountains we found what we later discovered was a Short Eared Owl. Very rare for these parts! It was hobbling alongside the track and looked like it’s wing had been broken. We managed to get it to CERVAS and Richardo tried his best to look after it but unfortunately¬†it didn’t make it. Ricardo studied the injury and said it had been shot by a hunter a few days before maybe. That’s some of the¬†crazy stuff around here, some of these hunters will just shoot anything that moves. I post this photo¬†of our feathered friend in honour of it’s¬†beauty and wisdom, Things that the world could do with more of …

Oh one more thing! Our small association are doing a Xmas Market on the 11th in Figueiro da Serra, a village not far from here. See flyer below, beautifully designed by our friend Sara at Cherry Pond Quinta. Please download and share the flyer around¬†to anyone who you think might be interested in attending, or if you prefer you can share the event via Facebook. We’re still looking for some more musicians!

Mercadinho de Natal - 11 December 2016
Mercadinho de Natal – 11 December 2016

Dreaded Sunday Comin Round

Hunting season has opened again ūüôĀ

It’s Sunday and I’m hearing gunshots around. Something in the air is not nice about it. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like it. Am I discriminating against a culture / sub-culture? I guess I am. Of course, I know that views will differ. I ask myself if I should be more accepting of this. Of course, I am, but as well, I am also accepting of the fact that I don’t like it, and since I have the capacity to do so then I figure why not make efforts to deter this kind of behaviour from happening around my farm and my ‘earth neighbourhood‘. I reckon that’s fair.

A previous¬†Portuguese neighbour who was around here, didn’t like it either yet he was able to speak in terms they understood clearly with regards to how he felt about them being around his land ūüôā … I respected him for that. I always do the same also, but try and keep it diplomatic, however I¬†have run into incidences where my dogs clash with their dogs and although the agression is not very nice I do feel comforted to know ¬†that there are guardians around to protect the territory.

My first neighbour also argued that if hunters want to hunt and they do it all through an association then why don’t they as an association invest in their own large piece of land somewhere where they can do it without disturbing others? I thought that was a reasonable argument.

Personally, I have my own plans I’m going to work on in order to deter them in my own creative manner. Not that all of the the following points are designed specifically for deterring hunters, rather a side effect, but since we’re on the topic of hunters …

  1. Bring more people here! As more dwellings become active and¬†new ones start dotting around the landscape the less likely that hunters will come around here. I have certain good spots around the land that I’m now opening up to people interested in permanent positions here on an exchange basis (I’m still working on writing that up. Soon come!)
  2. Connecting more people to land around me. This is my own particular¬†Earth Neighbour project within the Earth Neighbours initiative. Up until last year this was very challenging due to certain issues with a challenging neighbour, but I’ve overcome this challenge now, and through the process have discovered the owners of most of all the bits of land that are around me. Now it’s just a process of finding people that resonate with what I’m trying to do here and then guide them through the process of them becoming lawful custodians¬†of the land. My first Earth Neighbour is Claus! He’s just spent the last 20 years teaching in Namibia and doing some interesting things. (More news on Claus later). I haven’t posted all the images of the other surrounding bits of land that are around here and the price that the owner might¬†be likely to ask for (most of them really cheap though). I’ve not done that mainly due to the fact that so far I’ve felt that it’s better to just meet people first and then go from there. I think that once the whole area has been reoccupied with new people we could apply through the local camara to prohibit hunting within the bounds of the neighbourhood.
  3. I plan to have a perimeter boundary at least 10m wide around the boundary of my land. It will serve primarily as a fire break. May need fencing on both sides until the hedge on both sides is developed.¬†The outer¬†side will be hedged with fire retardant species (going to experiment with Oleander and Tagasaste) and the inner edge will be hedged with the more edible variety for goats and sheep (things like Blackberries, Oaks, Ash, Robinia, Willow). Goats and sheep¬†will have a constant flow around this¬†‘boundary corridor’ of the farm. I believe that there is some restriction with regards to how close hunters can come to farm animals, so that’s one mark towards the positive, even if you don’t like goats!
  4. Along this ‘boundary corridor’ I’d also like to have various different types of natural hives placed carefully in suitable places where they could be comfortable (It would be interesting to see also what effect it might have on the grazing patterns of the animals). I believe also that there is a law that says that hunters must keep within a certain¬†distance from bee hives. Someone told me it’s 50m. Someone else told me it’s 100m. Harald, my beekeeper, passed me this¬†(see Artigo 53.¬ļ –¬†√Āreas de protec√ß√£o)¬†which seems to indicate 100m for hives¬†(any updates to that law of 2004 should be posted here on the ICNF site). I would guess then that means that one hive should cover you for 1ha of land. Under current circumstances the hives at my place are in one location and¬†it’s still a good reason to ask them to respect the greater space.
  5. I have various signs¬†getting made up, that this time will last a lot longer than the previous ones! Chiselled and wood burnt! The first one was started by Mundo when he was here and kindly finished off by my workaway sistren¬†…

    Not bad work for a young sistren.
  6. Also posting various other ‘well made’ signs around the land with some kind of ‘no hunting’ message. I think that this could definitely have some effect with the hunters.
  7. This last idea I’m not sure how effective it would be but I like it anyway and it would be fun. I call it Dreaded Sunday! One Sunday a month of LOUD AND POSITIVE VIBES! A Roots Reggae Sunday! A day of SunDance!¬†This is my Ubuntu Sound System below. I’ve been playing around in certain places and trying to use it as a way to raise funds and awareness of the project. I call myself Selecta Mycelium (cos I’m working¬†with the roots ;-). If there is anyone out there that wants to hire me out feel free¬†. I’m available for birthdays, weddings and bar mitzvahs … but I do prefer Wild Man Parties where the intention is¬†less¬†talk and more dance ūüėČ

    1000w Bush Sound System in the Ruff

For anyone expecting to see more updates on the blog then I apologise. I don’t really feel like I’m writing so much, even though I’d love to be. I’ve been putting more effort into working on raising funds for the project. For now,¬†I need to be¬†the energy source for my farm project. As of late I’ve been putting most of my energy into helping people connect to land. I need to balance that out with developing the farm systems and the online work related to Quinta das Moitas and Earth Neighbours. There’s never enough time to do everything, nor can I cope at times, but at least I’ve reached a point where I’m knowing my limits and knowing that I can’t do everything! Patience doesn’t seem to matter any more. I just take one day at a time.

Funny that as I end this writing, the gun shots have subsided and I recognise a distinct difference between how it used to be a few years ago and how it is now. Looks like simple diplomacy does have it’s merits.

Peace Everybody. Until next time.

Inside Outside

I see how the world and what is happening in it is a reflection of me.

I feel physically low in energy and in reserves, and in the same sense I feel like that financially. Even with the small incomings that I’ve been getting through helping people, it’s not enough, to fill my reserves. I feel like I need so much, just to keep up. I have so much to do here. As a matter of fact, I know I have a lot to do, but I’ve realised that I can’t do this on my own. I’ve been getting the vision that I need to be filling a different role here now, ¬†somehow, I need to be the energy source for this place. I need to be the one that brings in the funds and to help develop it, with the help of others.

I see that I’m limited. I need to manage my energy. I need to invest wisely, my own energy, into the right things. Things that will bring the most energy in return. I’m going through a steep learning process, about business and how this sometimes can obscure our vision, and the vision of others. I need to be my own wise guy and stay true on my path.

Sometimes I think that I’m through with this shit though. Time to get mercenary. Too much¬†bullshit around, but then I also see that it’s me that needs to get my shit together. I need to get organised. If anger is the energy that fills me with enough power¬†to get this going then let it be.

I want to set my intentions on helping to bring about a new culture here. An awakened culture that encourages each other to follow their bliss and find their own niche within it. I know that as I find my niche, it will bring me all the abundance that I need.

I have all the ideas. I just need to find the right constellations to help develop them. The right people, with the right intentions. I will find you, and you will find me.

One Love.