13 Bundles of Abundance

Bundancia (short for Abundancia - Abundance) is a wild mother who has moved onto Quinta das Moitas and made friends with my two boys Willi and Jobi. She has since given birth to 13 puppies on Quinta das Moitas. 13 is a sacred number, and a blessed number. We believe that each of these little creatures will bring great blessings of abundance to their new custodians. We've taken on the responsibility now to find them suitable carers, but in the mean time we need to keep them healthy and so we are looking for support in terms of financial donations if anyone is able and willing. We are currently spending about 20-30 euros a week as they begin wean off their mother and get them onto milk, oats, puppy food, meat off cuts from butchers and whatever else that we can find that's suitable. We would also like to raise enough to get Bunda operated on so that we can rest knowing that if she does continue to hang around then she won't go littering us with responsibilities 🙂
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