On the Farm Projects

If you’re interested in volunteering somewhere where you can just get on with a project of your own choosing, cook your own food, and have a comfortable place to sleep and generally be in a relaxed environment then this could be a place you can appreciate. All I ask is that you choose a project that you honestly feel you’re capable of carrying out diligently and commit yourself to volunteering with enough time to complete the chosen task, Some projects will take longer than others so choose wisely 🙂

I’ve broken the tasks down into categories such as ‘Building & Construction’, ‘Planting & Gardening’, ‘Artistic & Creative’, so that it’s a bit easier for you to find the kinds of things you’d like to do.

Note: Approval of some of these projects is pending on available funds. They are listed in order of priority.

Building / Construction

Carvan Refurbishment – There are two caravans that need refurbishing. One of them needs complete gutting and starting from scratch. I need someone who is creative with respects to finding building solutions from limited stock of second hand material (see Barn Storage photo below) and someone who feels competent at building things in a solid way so that they last 🙂

Barn Storage Assembly – I need to organise all my resources that I have in the barn and so hence I’d like to create a pallet storage system in there. The idea is to keep it simple and easy to erect so the idea is to pick up a load of second hand pallets from the local builders merchant along with plenty of clay/concrete blocks and make a large rack system along both walls.

Stone shower block – The idea is to make a stone shower block, with a bailerina boiler or wood burner in it to effectively make it into a stone sauna shower unit. So far the base, the drainage and most of the stone wall up to mid height has been built but needs continuing with. Someone with stone building skills? Or maybe build the top half in ferrous cement? And then lately I’m wondering if I should make it into part of the outside kitchen :-S

Long drop toilet – A long drop toilet with a great view. Needs to be built as a dual vault system. The base will be built out of lime/sand bags (200 potato sacks have been purchased and ready) that will also be mixed with aerated clay pellets. The foundation has been built, but the lime needs to be added for the base before work on the walls can start. The structure will be over 2m high and a solid floor will need to be added with two holes (for each chamber) once the walls have reached the correct height. Then from there it will be about building a wooden frame for the actual toilet room on top. I’m looking for anyone who feels they would have an aptitude and enthusiasm for this kind of project. Since it is a busy time now a lot of the work will be unsupervised, so you’ll be left to work at your own pace, but I’ll be here to provide guidance and decision making.

Planting / Gardening

Tree planting – There is a selection of trees that require planting out. A suitable spot anywhere on the land needs to be found where they can be planted out with plenty of mulch / ground cover.

Clearing terraces in preparation for food forest – I’m slowly clearing terraces and leaving large mulch piles that will eventually break down and be used for planting trees into. One strategy amongst many. The main work here though is to first clear the land. You must be as Don Quixote, see the dragons, and turn them into mulch!

Clearing second phase of vegetable growing area – The second phase of the garden regeneration project will require ripping out lots of brambles, turning over the ground and adding lots of mulch and straw and planting out lots of root vegetables and nitrogen fixers in preparation for it later becoming a productive garden bed.


Caravan needs painting – The peartree caravan needs painting! Can be a combination of greens. I like green 🙂

Property signs etched and charred – I have some signs started but I need another one made up. It needs to be chiselled out and a dremel needs to be used to carve out the logo. Then the inside needs to be charred with some kind of tool that can char it (either a small blowtorch or a soldering iron).

Paper mache hives – I’d like some swarm traps to hang up in the trees for catching bee swarms during swarming time. I’ve seen some that they sell and I got the idea that perhaps they could be created from simple paper mache (newspaper and flour/water mix) using a bucket as the mould and then coating it with bees wax to make it weather proof. Here is a pic to give you an idea of what I’d be trying to create http://www.bees-on-the-net.com/use-swarm-trap/.