Selecta Mycelium & Dadirri Sound System

Selecta Mycelium & Dadirri Sound System – working quietly amongst the roots and the local forest fostering community, listening to the messages whispered in the winds of great change.

In an effort to raise awareness and funding for the Earth Neighbours Project this simple farmer transforms himself into a musical roots messenger as he unashamedly explores and works the edges of his musical boundaries.

Dance for Life is essential.
But listen to the messages,
or dance to the sound.
One thing you got to remember,
is keep your feet on the ground.
This Earth is Ours.

Travelling out from the heart of the Star Mountains (Serra da Estrela), bringing his own Roots and Culture reggae selection, played digitally through open source Ubuntu/Mixx Sound System and 400 watt speakers. At your service.

Ubuntu – ‘I am because you are’.

Get in touch if you would like to work out an arrangement for your special event.