Quinta das Moitas is an abandoned rural farm turned Permaculture Regeneration Project, located in the Serra da Estrela region of Central Portugal.

Its aims are to:

  • Rebuild soil and forest on what is currently degraded and fire damaged land.
  • Implement sustainable farming systems based on Permaculture design principles.
  • Host affordable / exchange based workshops and knowledge sharing activities for all who wish to learn more about Permaculture, sustainable building and living more in harmony with nature.
  • Germinate a forest regeneration and conservation collaborative. Read more on the Earth Neighbours Initiative here.
  • Raise the necessary funding in order to make all this happen.

It aspires to work with others in helping to create communities where:

  • The sacredness of nature is respected.
  • Communication is based on the language of truthfulness and compassion.
  • The focus is on diversity and decentralisation.
  • There is no waste, everything is either reused or recycled – a full circle system.
  • Its members have economic freedom – to work with freely operating decentralised competing currencies or local trading systems of their choice.

It’s aims also include:

  • Finding a way to help local culture recognize the influence that deforestation and degradation of soil is having on climate change and the (economic) value in regeneration of soil and forest.
  • Investigating practical, educational and social aspects to reduce bush fire hazards in the area and finding ways to bring greater awareness regarding the effects of certain practices in local communities such as organic (and inorganic) material burn off by farmers and careless littering / tipping of garbage along countryside roads.
  • Dealing with reckless hunting practices that kill off local habitat and also being responsible to the local habitat.
  • Facilitating land conservation rights for the protection of flora and fauna.