A prayer for 2012

For 2012 I say a prayer. A call for help.

I say a prayer, because I must admit, I fear.

I fear where the world is going right now. It touches me deeply, it’s very deep and sad.
I fear for the future of where so called ‘leaders’ are taking things (economically and otherwise) without giving respects to the wishes nor responses of it’s own people and nor the people of the world.
I fear for the power of the people and how if not recognised and given value to it’s true creative potential then it could unleash itself violently.
But the biggest fear that I feel is that which comes from those who are hiding, and in this present case we are talking about the hiding behind lies.
Each of us has great fear that we all have to face from time to time, and from my own experience I can not say that I am in control of when my fear arises, but what I can see, is that I can acknowledge it, give it light, and carry on in spite of it. Sometimes I recognise it to have value. Sometimes my anger, fired by a witnessed injustice will not let fear stand in it’s way, and sometimes, perhaps even this scares me, but this thinking in terms of ‘survival’, not from heart, it’s playing politics with the heart, and the heart does not like politics.

So my prayer is that

I wish that the awakening will bring a creative response, driven by the heart, with an intention to heal. To heal a relationship with our global mother. Mother Earth.

I wish that we can become honest with each other, regardless of our fears. Healing the relationship of Trust.

I wish that we can recognise our place in nature. But we will not recognise this until we have arrived so what I wish is that people seek their place. Not only in nature, but also in their life, by asking the question, What is my purpose here and what gifts, passions and visions must I pursue in order to lead me to an understanding of this?

I wish that we can be singing in the sun in the summer of 2013.

I wish that my prayer makes sense to people.

Blessed 2012,

Post Xmas

A couple of new friends …

Chema, the lion …

… atleast I try and convince him that he is a lion. He needs all the encouragement he can get. He’s getting far too used to warm and cosy livin’ when he should be getting out there and exploring the small forests, that will one day be jungle. Truthfully though I do wonder how the natural habitat will be affected by his presence. He’s far too thick to even notice mice most of the time, but to give him credit, when he first got here he did spot one quickly and then lost sight of it as it went into the grass. Funnily enough I could see the little mouse. I could see his two eyes looking straight at me saying ‘Please don’t tell him that you can see me!’. So I didn’t.

And Mr Grosshopper, I think he called himself Gary, came by to say hello. An interesting fellow, had much to say. Said he’d earned his stripes …

He was on his way down to the little creek that has started flowing from a few weeks back (the video is not very good quality me thinks) …

A foto shows things nicely too …

This means that there is plenty of water in winter time to fill up quite a few retention spaces.

In the mean time I’m working on the barn yard where I’m building some swales. I’m considering planting some kinds of fruit producing shrubs or bushes there that will work well with the chickens that will be using this as their living space also, perhaps Goji berry? Anyway, this is where I’m at so far …

You can see how moist the soil is, which is the way it’s been since November, which is good, because the summer was DRY. I’ll be filling the ditch with clippings and mulch. Those two humps in the middle are boulders 🙂 It’s not that deep the soil, but generally it’s very good, and I will be building this up higher with mulches anyway. I’ll put follow up photos later in another post regarding this.