Free Energy, Karma and Dharma

Nassim Haramein validates the ideas put forth by Mehran Keshe from The Keshe Foundation, and goes way beyond even when explaining the ‘new physics’.

“If we start to understand these new physics, that the atom is a mini black hole that is fed by the vacuum continuously, that’s why the electron spins for billions of years with no apparent input energy, then we start to understand the mechanics of the foundation of creation. Look at the density of the vacuum which is 10 to the 93 grams per centimetre cube. Let me give you an idea. If I took all the stars in our (known) universe; there’s 100 to 300 billion stars in the galaxy and there’s billions of galaxies, and I took them all and put them all in a centimetre cube of space the density of that centimetre cube would be 10 to the 55th grams per centimetre cubed. That is 39 orders of magnitude less than the density of the vacuum. We know it’s there. So if we were to extract, one billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a percent of what’s there, we would have enough energy to run this whole planet”

Nassim Haramein : We are The Creators of Creation : Resonance

The Fires of Mal Intent

Portugal is blazing with the fires of mal intent.

We are in the beginning of September. The summer so far had been fortunate with little fire. Now within the last week they seem to be blazing all over the place. I can see 5 fires from my place today. The wind is strong. It seems that fires are occurring all over Central and South Portugal at the moment.

It makes me wonder what kind of intention lay behind each fiery initiation. Were they pure ignorance? A complete unawareness of even knowing that they are initiating a fire? A cigarette butt out the window of a car? Even that surely cannot be regarded as an accident. There is an intention behind all of this.

Even behind ignorance and indifference there resides an intention.

If Emotos experiments were true, then this is a proven fact.
So what of the intent? How can it be understood?

I am baffled to understand the intention, the motive, behind these things and wonder how each of them could vary. How many are related to ‘accidents’ or ‘ignorance’? How many are related to a deliberate intention, i.e a desired outcome?Meanwhile, the Government here wants to liberalise Eucalyptus plantations that will make the situation even worse. More mal intent based on greed? Ignorance? A wanting to help the country out of it’s debt crisis? Who is really behind these laws anyway? Who makes them? How disempowered some of us must feel sometimes? Atleast we have petitions to make us feel better. Contra a liberalização das plantações de eucalipto.

I’ve watching this short presentation on Star Water, and lately and I seem to wish that it would fall upon us here in Portugal and wash away the suffering.

Plasma is mentioned? Something that Dr Keshe, From Keshe Foundation seems to be utilizing in his proposed new solutions for the planet …

An Interview with Dr Keshe:

What would change if these things came to be?

Would it change consciousness?

Or would consciousness have to change first before it could even be accepted?I also plan to watch this soon. A follow on from Edward H Griffin’s ‘What in the world are they spraying’.

Why in the world are they spraying:
Makes me feel like some kind of insect. Is this karma for all the insects we’ve killed (by our direct and indirect actions) during the agricultural revolution?

It’s so confusing as to what’s going on in this world.

I guess when you get to this point all you can do is set your intention and trust that you will be confronted with whatever you need to confront.

Special request to my friends out there who are joined by the struggle.

Faith and courage to all my fellow souljahs out there.