Free Energy, Karma and Dharma

Nassim Haramein validates the ideas put forth by Mehran Keshe from The Keshe Foundation, and goes way beyond even when explaining the ‘new physics’.

“If we start to understand these new physics, that the atom is a mini black hole that is fed by the vacuum continuously, that’s why the electron spins for billions of years with no apparent input energy, then we start to understand the mechanics of the foundation of creation. Look at the density of the vacuum which is 10 to the 93 grams per centimetre cube. Let me give you an idea. If I took all the stars in our (known) universe; there’s 100 to 300 billion stars in the galaxy and there’s billions of galaxies, and I took them all and put them all in a centimetre cube of space the density of that centimetre cube would be 10 to the 55th grams per centimetre cubed. That is 39 orders of magnitude less than the density of the vacuum. We know it’s there. So if we were to extract, one billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a percent of what’s there, we would have enough energy to run this whole planet”

Nassim Haramein : We are The Creators of Creation : Resonance

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