Better than ‘Organic’

A good article explaining why organic isn’t enough. Organic as most of us understand it means that it’s grown in a natural way, without the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals. However, growing organic vegetables in soils that have been depleted of their nutrients can sometimes provide us with less nutrients than those of the non organic variety. Mulching and compost is beneficial but often not enough. This article talks about the importance of balanced mineral content in soils and what measures one might take to test and improve this balance. It also gives insightful information on the unique and important role that some of these element have in the functioning of our organism.

Better than Organic – A conversation with Agricola, Part 1

Better than Organic – A conversation with Agricola, Part 2

“In times past most communities had a physician, and maybe what we will end up with is a trained “soil physician” in each community. (laughs) We will need a lot less experts in the field of medicine once we get the food right!”

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