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Well, I figured that with the cold and wet weather I may as well be doing something productive so as well as finishing the site for Quinta das Moitas I also took the leap and put the web site together for Earth Neighbours. It’s the idea that really excited me when I first came here and started noticing all the abandoned land around my own. I wrote an article about it and it seemed to get quite a good response.

I was also then able to get it published on Permaculture News, with more good responses so I thought maybe I should try and put a web site together and really put the idea to the test.

It’s now live for viewing here:

Of course I’d love to see this idea grow, not only here on my own land, but all around. I really feel that there are a lot of people everywhere that are beginning to wake up to a calling and search for what it is they really need to live free and be happy and for a lot of them it means getting back to nature, back to the land.

With so many good initiatives happening out there I thought I would add my own to the mix. Something that can be used to help facilitate a connection between people looking for land and people that already have land or are surrounded by abandoned land. Something that I feel there exists a need for. It’s also an idea that I can see connecting with other initiatives to help the synergy of the whole ‘back to the land’ movement.

Earth Neighbours Website in English

The connection of course is the intention behind coming together as a community and although things like economics, social well being and many other things come into play within this, for me the primary focus is to see people joining hands together to help rebuild the earth (soil) and reforest the land. Something that for me I see as a priority right now, especially with the climatic (and climactic) changes occurring and to which I feel all hands should be put to positive work. Mãos à Obra!

Earth Neighbours Website em Portugues

Funny that as I was checking through the spelling of the word ‘climatic’ I see the following as one of the definitions in the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Resulting from or influenced by the climate rather than the soil.

A fine example of the disconnection and misunderstanding going on today with regards to this topic.

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