Land Tax (IMI)

Another straw to the camels back.

They call it Land Tax (IMI).

If it is not paid they (u know who) force a ‘penhoro’ on your land and they consider themselves to have rights to sell it off in order to pay for those taxes under the guise that it is just and correct by the fact that you didn’t pay them.

This ‘system’ will not accept anything else, other than the intellectual property otherwise known as ‘Euros’. Did you know that money is intellectual property? There can only be one issuer, for if you do it, it will be considered fraudulent. Does that sound like a monopoly on money? Does anyone know how much they’re printing of this stuff right now? Does anyone know how much of this funny money is being loaned to Portugal? Flooding a market with paper that is supposed to represent some value, and then using governments to force people to use this system, otherwise, they will come by force and take something from you that has REAL value. I read somewhere that if countries like Portugal and Greece do not pay back the loans then it forces the country to sell off real assets (land, utilitites etc) in order to pay off those loans. Hence I guess the austerity measures put into place are there to prevent this from happening, but at the same time it’s enslaving a nation anyway by the fact that salaries go down while commodities (food, water, oil etc) go up.

Perhaps my view is somewhat radical, but this smells like fascism to me (and I suspect to many others also, especially those that are protesting in the streets in Porto and Lisbon).

Luckily there is a ‘get out of jail card’. If I earn less than the national minimum (something like 5000EU a year) – basically, if I’m poor – then I can declare myself exempt from this tax, but it must be declared every year, before end of June. There is still something I don’t like about this, because in all honesty, what authority under God is allowed to make these claims against me and most importantly, when did I agree to it? Sure, I know what you’re saying. How naive to think this way.

I also posed to them this question. ‘What if I don’t want to participate in this centralised monetary system?’ ‘What form of payment would you accept in exchange for not harrassing me?’. Their answer is that there is no other form of payment. It’s Euros or else. I know, you probably thought I was crazy for asking in the first place, but it needs to be asked, simply because it’s about freedom, something which few people really seem capable of understanding.

I am looking for people who understand about rights, and how to defend them. According to Dean Clifford, a big proponent of the ‘Free Man on the Land’ movement in Canada explains that our inalienable rights are life, liberty and property. It makes sense to me. It’s something I’d like to explore further though.

Take a listen and see if you think what he says makes sense.

The question is I guess, do the Portuguese people have the same rights? Or have they willingly consented themselves to a system they would rather not be a part of were they given a choice? It’s just a guess but perhaps to stand for these basic human rights would require reaching a level of responsibility beyond what currently stands.

How many people would be brave enough to stand up to this system, without being armed, with facts, and knowing into what kind of a mine field they’d be walking into? Who would face an ocean without knowing how to swim? I believe this is an ocean that must be dived into, yet what I need is to learn from a master swimmer and in the land of mountain and green desert I’m wondering if it’s possible to find that.