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I see how the world and what is happening in it is a reflection of me.

I feel physically low in energy and in reserves, and in the same sense I feel like that financially. Even with the small incomings that I’ve been getting through helping people, it’s not enough, to fill my reserves. I feel like I need so much, just to keep up. I have so much to do here. As a matter of fact, I know I have a lot to do, but I’ve realised that I can’t do this on my own. I’ve been getting the vision that I need to be filling a different role here now,  somehow, I need to be the energy source for this place. I need to be the one that brings in the funds and to help develop it, with the help of others.

I see that I’m limited. I need to manage my energy. I need to invest wisely, my own energy, into the right things. Things that will bring the most energy in return. I’m going through a steep learning process, about business and how this sometimes can obscure our vision, and the vision of others. I need to be my own wise guy and stay true on my path.

Sometimes I think that I’m through with this shit though. Time to get mercenary. Too much bullshit around, but then I also see that it’s me that needs to get my shit together. I need to get organised. If anger is the energy that fills me with enough power to get this going then let it be.

I want to set my intentions on helping to bring about a new culture here. An awakened culture that encourages each other to follow their bliss and find their own niche within it. I know that as I find my niche, it will bring me all the abundance that I need.

I have all the ideas. I just need to find the right constellations to help develop them. The right people, with the right intentions. I will find you, and you will find me.

One Love.

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  • Mundo Resink

    June 7, 2016 at 7:58 am Reply

    Hey Millo,

    I’m happy to read this. It’s so good to see you sharing what you see yourself going through—without trying to make it all pretty. It’s especially good now I know I’m going to be meeting you in persoon soon :-).

    Sometimes following our bliss is the ‘hard’ work.
    I look forward to finding my and our niche this Summer.
    Até logo o meu amigo!

    With love, Mundo

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