Justin’s Dam Fine Work

Justin is an enquiring and tinkering engineer (fully qualifiied I might add). He’s done some great work here on Quinta das Moitas during his first visit and now he’s been back now for the second time around. This time he completed a little project involved with making sure I can easily access clean drinking water here at Quinta das Moitas.

A water source from a rock face was dammed creating a settlement tank before the water gets drawn off to fill the main storage tank and to supply fresh drinking water. The water overflows and fills a small pond that feeds a two tiered (terraced) garden before eventually seeping into the main growing area. Pics do not show the complete layout but you should get the idea. The sediment and nutrient in the settlement area and overflow pond can then be put directly into the growing areas.

The project still needs the tiered gardens to be completed (more soil and planting) but the main engineering is complete.

It is what it is and it works magnificently.







Designed and built by Millo and Justin.

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