Farm Visits & Stays

Farm Visits

Farm visits are welcome however please make arrangements with plenty of notice. Best to make contact via the online contact form. If you are interested in visiting here on a work exchange basis then please visit the volunteering / help exchange page for more information.

Staying at Quinta das Moitas

Quinta das Moitas is a very beautiful place and very tranquil. It encourages peace and silence. It is an opportunity for people wanting to enjoy the solitude and silence of the ancient rocks and mountains. It is very dry and hot during the summer months, but the evenings (especially the sunsets) and early mornings are very magical.

Conditions here is still very basic. Some would classify it as rustic (or rough) and so it may not accommodate all tastes. Below is a list of the various forms of accommodation that are presently available:

  • Room in communal house: There is also a small room in a communal house that is normally used for accommodating help exchange volunteers that has its own private bedroom, a shared kitchen and composting toilet. It has internet access and has 12v power (and 240v when the sun shines!). It also has a wood burner for keeping warm during winter months.
  • Large Tent: I have a large tent set up that is used during summer months that can accommodate a single volunteer or a couple.
  • Camping: There are a few nice spots around here which are good for camping. You would be welcome to camp here provided that you respect the grounds and the personal space of others. I ask for a small donation for your stay here. This can also be worked out on a volunteering / help exchange basis if you wish.


Lunches and dinners are often shared cooking arrangements. We normally cook vegetarian meals based on vegetables, beans and pulses, with maybe an additional large salad with one or both meals. Sometimes I’m very busy and don’t have time to cook meals so it’s essential that you’re able to take care of yourself if required.

Bring with you any favourite foods, snacks or supplements for your own particular diet. We provide simple meals . Please don’t bring crappy junk food or you’ll be thrown out (just kidding).


Toilet is a small composting loo in the basement that we empty on a weekly basis.


Outdoor Shower AreaAs yet there are no shower facilities but bathing can be carried out by the water mine where there is clean running water and water can be boiled in a large pot for warm water (outdoor) showers.


Clothes would have to be washed in a large bucket (provided) down by the water mine. Ecological soap can be provided. There is also a coin operated laundromat 15 minutes drive from here in Celorico da Beira where we usually visit once a week. It costs about 4 euros for a wash load and 3 euros for drying.


If you are bringing a laptop or a smart phone, you are welcome to use the internet here, but we have limited data allowance per month so we ask that you limit the use of Skype video chat and heavy downloads such as streaming videos etc. If you need to do any of these things you can do them in the local village down the road where there is an Inatel Hotel. If you go in there to buy a coffee, food or refreshments they will usually allow you to use the internet.

Getting Around / Transport

Having a car is an advantage if you want to move around. Otherwise I have a bike that you can borrow, but bear in mind it does get quite hot biking around during summer months and it’s recommended that you have good sun protection (wide brim hat, sunglasses, sun covering for skin etc) prior to going out on bike or foot. Below are some public transport options that are available.

Public Transport From Carrapichana

07:30 – Bus to Gouveia (out front of Carrapichana post office)
07:45 – Bus to Celorico da Beira (out front of cafe on N17)


The farm is located between two villages – Carrapichana and Vila Ruiva.

Carrapichana is a half hour walk from the farm. It has several cafes and one small ‘mini mercado’ where they sell basic food items such as some fruit, veg, pasta, rice, cheese, tinned food etc.

Vila Ruiva is about a 15 minute walk from the farm. It also has several cafes, but no ‘mini mercado’. There is a Inatel Hotel with facilities such as internet, coffee lounge, small quiet library for study or work, restaurant and swimming pool. If you go in there to buy a coffee, food or refreshments then they will usually let you use the internet in the coffee lounge or small library. I often go down and use it as my work space when I have too many distractions on the farm.

Supermarkets can be found in either Celorico da Beira, Gouveia or Fornos de Algodres. Each of them are about 15 minute drive from the farm.