Land Finding & Facilitation Services

Land Hand Holder

View from South EastThis involves hand holding buyers through the process of finding and buying land here in Portugal.

I am proficient in communicating with Portuguese locals and I can help people who are looking for land liaise with land owners and agents and help them get a clear understanding of what they’re buying and what kinds of things to watch out for. I also offer any advice / support from the range of experience that I’ve had during the time I’ve spent here in Portugal and developing the Earth Neighbours Initiative.

Some testimonials from clients:

‘Thank you Millo. Your personal touch and due diligence is what separates you from the rest and truly makes me a lot more comfortable buying in a foreign country.’
– Mitch Moon

ReOccupy Portugal‘I was fortunate enough to have Millo recommended to me by Sophie from Pure Portugal when I’ was looking to buy some land with a ruin. Millo accompanied me for several days and was invaluable with translation, providing advice on various aspects of building legislation and asking very direct questions to the estate agents and vendors. He was also able to provide me with a long list of English speaking Lawyers and can assist with opening bank accounds and getting Fiscal Numbers etc. Apart from Millo’s knowledge of Portugal and buying rustic property, he is a warm and generous man with an excellent sense of humour and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Millo. As a result of his help and advice, we have been successful in purchasing one of the properties we viewed together. I can thoroughly recommend Millo as a guide if you are considering purchasing property in Portugal.’
– Tim Gibson

Mare's House‘Millo is a very kind, trustworthy and helpful guy. He knows how things work in Portugal, speaks the language very well. You can rely on him to help you with all kinds of things concerning buying a property and moving to Portugal. He is not the guy who wants to earn quick money; he truly wants to help and make you feel welcome.’
– Aart & Stephanie van der Sluijs

Land Sleuth

Bush ScoutIf there is an abandoned piece of land, in need of love, that you’ve found somewhere and would like to identify an owner to find out if available for sale then I can lend my hand at being your land sleuth.

Any donations or gifts offered to support my work are appreciated.
All offerings will be considered.

Land Connector

Through the Earth Neighbours project I have a lot of people getting in touch and asking me about available land around here. Through my contact with the locals I’ve seen many available plots of land around here that would make suitable permaculture projects. I’ve now formed a partnership with a friend and we are actively dealing with local land owners that have land available for sale. Price ranges vary as do the suitability of each piece for particular kinds of projects. If you let me know what you’re looking for I can put my scanners on and see if I can match you up.

Any donations or gifts offered to support my work are appreciated.
All offerings will be considered.

Other things I can help with:

  • getting land boundary and topographical maps drawn up.
  • applying for building permission.
  • having water or soil analyses carried out.
  • sourcing recommended builders and procuring building/construction materials.
  • permaculture design consultation.