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I’ve been working on web sites since my days in London, back when the web was just kicking off (around 1998). My expertise was in Front End Development / Web Site Builder (HTML/CSS) but since then I’ve gotten much more into fast track building and have favored the use of WordPress as a great tool for getting web sites up and running fast. I can have a simple 4-5 page site up and running within 1 week of commencement date. Prior to commencing I would need to receive content and images that you’d like to use on the site.

Summary of Professional Details:

Started working for a company by the name of Wax New Media Agency, London in 1998 where I got most of my basic training with respects to basic coding of web sites, where I stayed for 1 year before being offered a job with Good Technology London Office where I started off working on developing, testing and deployment of web projects in accordance with briefs handed over by project management department. In-house projects were developed using JSP/Java. Coding was carried out to HTML 4.0 standards compliance. Back end database work was carried out using MySQL or Oracle and CVS was used for all version control. I was with the London office for 2 years before being offered a position as team leader at Good Technology Barcelona Office where for 2 years I fulfilled the role as Team Leader. This involved hands on development but also required working alongside project management and collaborating on estimation of project timing plans and working out most efficient development process prior to each project being fully handed over to my team where I was then responsible for overseeing and coordinating the project and the development team. I was also the Lead Front End Developer on projects such as Save The Children UK.

After leaving Good Technology Barcelona Office, I continued to work on a freelance basis for Good Technology as well as other companies based in Barcelona and London, mainly focusing on Front End Development (HTML 4.0, CSS, Javascript and PHP). I also started developing web sites for individual clients using content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

Since leaving Barcelona in 2010 I’ve been focusing mostly on developing a self reliant Permaculture Project and Regenerative Community with my main interest being in developing functional sustainable systems involving recycling of ‘waste’, animal management systems and food production systems. During this time I’ve also been working as an independent freelancer building mostly content based web sites to clients requirements using WordPress, but also working on putting together briefs and project outline/ work flow documents for clients as well as managing projects for clients and QA testing. I’ve also been involved with translating web sites from Spanish, Italian and Portuguese to English.

Please check some of my recent work:

If you want to get in touch with me to discuss any specific requirements or to get a quote then please contact me via the online contact form. Thank you.