If you’d like to offer help/support then please consider some of the following possibilities …

support ‘ON THE FARM’ PROJECTS by volunteering / help exchange

A list of ‘on the farm’ projects available to any potential help exchange volunteers desiring to appoint themselves to specific tasks in which they have a genuine interest and natural ability. Some of these projects cannot go forward unless funds are available so donations to specific projects are also kindly accepted. To see what projects are currently available, please visit the ‘On the Farm’ Projects page. If you wish to come here as a volunteer on a day by day basis then please check the Volunteering / Help Exchange page where you can get better informed as to what’s involved.


I have several long term roles available for people wanting to be involved as more permanent members of this project. In exchange for your help you will be assigned a designated area on the land that you will be responsible for maintaining along with a habitable shelter for you to live in.  See here for more information on Available Farm Roles / Long Term Positions.


There are areas on the farm very close to water sources that have been designated for long terms stays, where an individual, couple or a group could ‘set up camp’ and work together with other long term campers here to help regenerate the land on and around the farm. Read more …

Support by donating to a Fund raising Campaign

Every now and again it’s important for me to reach out and ask for help. Please check the Fund Raising Campaigns page to see if there are any active campaigns running. If so then any kind donations towards a campaign would be greatly appreciated. Visit the Fund Raising Campaigns page.

SUPPORT local PROJECTS and fundraising ideas

Me and Neighbours often get together to collaboratively organise local projects or community events such as local markets, discussion groups, educational workshops etc. You can support these either by donating or by attending events. If you are local to the area please get in touch and I’ll help you connect to the local community groups so that you can stay tuned to any potential events.


The Earth Neighbours initiative is about creating neighbourhoods of regenerative activity by focusing on (respectfully) reoccupying available and abandoned land around existing ‘earth care’ projects. Read more on what Earth Neighbours initiative is about here. Any donations made go towards the development of the Earth Neighbours online platform.

support My Project by offering gifts in exchange for service

Perhaps there are services I offer that can be of use to you? If not, then please consider sharing with any of your friends who may have a need. See all services here.


If you like the project and feel generous then please visit the Donate page where you will find various ways that donations can be made.

Share with Friends

Share with anyone who you think might be interested in helping. You can easily do that by selecting from any of the social media buttons below.