Available Farm Roles (Long Term Positions)

Garden Carer

Do you love to grow food and build soil? There is an ideal location down near the bottom garden, in a nice and quiet out of the way place, where a self reliant wooden hut could be built just behind an area that’s being developed into seasonal garden and orchard space – so you’ll have food at your door step! Suitable for a green thumbed garden gnome who has a passion for gardening. The exchange would be based on the surplus of what is produced which will go towards feeding those involved here on the project.

Animal carer / Shepherd

Do you love caring for animals and shepherding? There is a location in the top field near the ‘Almighty Well’ where either a wooden cabin or yurt could be erected. This would be suitable for anyone interested in taking on the role of looking after the animals. To start with it would involve sheep, goats and chickens, but would develop into experimenting with other animals that could work well with the farm project (e.g. donkeys, alpacas, Vietnamese pot belly pigs, pigeons, rabbits). Initially the role would involve being a shepherd for the sheep and taking care of the chickens but as the project develops then it would involve developing a cell grazing system not only to more easily manage the animals but also to help build soil and create fire breaks. The exchange would be based on the surplus of what is produced which will go towards feeding everyone involved here on the project.

architect / Builder

An experienced builder is required to help with the reconstruction of the buildings here. If you are interested then please make enquiries via the contact form below.

Please note:

  • A stay of a six months as a trial period is suggested prior to committing to any of the above roles.
  • Upon commitment of taking on the position you will be responsible for your designated area. This includes adhering to all fire safety measures that need to be carried out in order to keep the farm safe from harm. Full details of this will be discussed upon affirming our agreement.

If you wish to express an interest in any of the above roles then please get in touch via the contact form below:

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