Ecosystem Restoration Camp – Designated Areas for Long Term Stays

This is in honour of the idea proposed by John D. Liu – Ecosystem Restoration Camps.

There are areas on the farm very close to water sources that have been designated for long terms stays, where an individual, couple or a group could ‘set up camp’ and work together with other short or long term campers to help care for and regenerate the land on and around the farm.

This runs in parallel with the Earth Neighbours project which started as an idea of finding other like minded individuals and groups to reoccupy and regenerate abandoned land around existing projects such as this one (you can see a full list of other projects that are involved here) however it’s also about having more like minded people around to help plant more trees, care for them until established and generally take care of designated portions of land.

The reason why I have adopted this idea also is because it also opens up the idea to people who wish to stay here on a semi permanent basis. The slight difference is that this project (currently) receives no funding and is all run off my own back. So in a nutshell, what is being offered here is free camping in exchange for land care. You set up camp, and you CARE for your designated area. Agreements are made on a one to one basis with regards to minimum amount of hours that can be volunteered on a weekly basis towards projects that are currently active and need assistance.

Responsibilities include:

  • demonstrating the greatest respect for the land.
  • keeping their designated area clean, tidy and fireproof in summer.
  • watering of any trees that have been planted in the designated areas.
  • collaborating with other members on farm projects that benefit the group as a whole.

There is also possibilities for long term campers to have a designated space assigned where they can create their own vegetable garden and grow their own food should they desire, or they can collaborate with other members on collaborative seasonal gardens on the farm.

If it’s, feasible (within my means) and necessary, I can offer the possibility of providing some finances towards food if it’s necessary but please bear in mind that I do operate with minimal funding myself and have no means of steady income, so that would be dependent on what funds I have available at the time and whether any special agreements are made.

If you wish to find out more about designated spaces then please get in touch so that we can communicate about what’s available that could meet your requirements and how you or your group could work in synergy with the projects needs.

If you feel that anything here is unclear or you wish to ask some questions then I welcome your contact, via the contact form.