Local Projects & Fund Raising Ideas

This page is about me expressing ideas that can be beneficial for the local community and also for raising funds for the development of the following objectives:

  1. Permaculture design and development of Quinta das Moitas.
  2. Permaculture design and development of Quinta das Moitas Earth Neighbourhood.
  3. Development of the Earth Neighbours Online Platform to help other projects such as mine find the right people to join their project or become their neighbour.

Looking for expressions of interest from people in the local area who wish to collaborate in the development of the following ideas, or perhaps you already have a project that you’ve started developing that could work in synergy with it?

Carrapichana Market Regeneration

Carrapichana was once a thriving and bustling market where lots of people used to come from all over. So much so that they developed quite a good infrastructure to support the activity. There are many permanent shelters that have been built as stands for market stall holders. There is plenty of parking, a large hall for festive activities or running exhibits, a football ground for adult or children’s activities, mains electricity and water provided also. It is very easily accessible as it is just off the N17.

I would like to introduce the following ideas:

Abundance Swaps / Harvest Hub

Appropriate Technology Exhibition

Social Events/Workshops

Looking to find sponsors supporters for the following ideas:

European Inspirational Tours
Portuguese Inspirational Tours
Charter Tours

As well as listing the ideas you should also include:

  • clear description of the idea and it’s purpose.
  • be clear about what you need.
  • a plan of action or how it could be carried out,
  • what will be my role in it?
  • estimated cost to set up.
  • what else?