Volunteering / Help Exchange

Interested in volunteering?

If so then please feel welcome to get in touch and introduce yourself via the contact page. Below I’ve outlined what my place and I can offer anybody wishing to come and work as a work exchange volunteer.

Staying at the quinta

There are some important things to consider and some general rules you need to be aware of prior to visiting Quinta das Moitas. Please make sure you read through the ‘Farm Visits & Stays‘ to get a better understanding of conditions here on the farm.

What is expected from Helpers

Simple, honest, easy going, diligent and responsible people with a good sense of self awareness and awareness regarding personal boundaries and full circle living. Volunteers may often be asked to work unsupervised and so they will be expected to be conscientious and self reliant on any tasks that they’re given. Please note also, that I’m not very good at managing people. I will often give out a task (or several) and expect that a sincere work effort is made on any of the given tasks and that agreed hours of exchange (see ‘Rules of Exchange’ section below) are honored.

Ideally I’d like to find people who are genuinely interested in working on any of the specific projects that I have available on the farm and that they are willing to commit to completion. Click here to see the ‘on the farm’ projects that are currently available.

Some of the things you are likely to be involved with when volunteering:

  • construction and structural repair projects.
  • clearing brush areas for fire breaks.
  • planting out trees / watering trees.
  • weeding, mulching, planting out gardens.
  • organising work / living spaces.
  • sharing ideas.
  • socialising and connecting with local community events

Rules of Exchange

Working hours are flexible. Below is a rough guide with regards to hours I ask for in return for camping and staying on the land:

5 hours a day, 5 days a week, in exchange for accommodation and food.
4 hours a day, 5 days a week, in exchange for accommodation only.
3 hours a day, 5 days a week, in exchange for camping space only.

One to one agreements can also be arranged prior to arrival.

a helpful list of things to CONSIDER BRINGING WITH YOU

In general:

  • torch
  • sleeping bag (we can provide something otherwise)
  • work boots
  • work gloves (otherwise we may have some your size)
  • gum boots for wet/muddy work (otherwise can be bought cheaply if needed)
  • work clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy or stained
  • towel – a small quick drying one is good
  • chemical-free biodegradable soap / shampoo / toothpaste etc

Priorities for summer months:

  • wide brimmed hat for protecting your eyes when working outdoors.
  • sunglasses
  • water bottle that you can have available with you when working outside
  • leather gloves for working outside

Priorities for winter months:

  • waterproof jacket / umbrella
  • warm clothes for evenings and for sleeping in when it gets cold

PLEASE NOTE the no-nos:

Body Washes: I ask also that you show your Respect for the Earth by not bringing any shower gels, shampoos, deodorants, soaps, toothpastes or anything of the kind that contains artificial perfumes or chemicals etc. Please only bring items that are made naturally and are fully bio-degradable.

Alcohol: We like to keep the place alcohol free. The occasional wine or fine beer with meals is OK but in general regular alcohol drinking is discouraged. It’s just not what this place is about, so if that’s an issue for you then either find another place or resolve it prior to your visit.

Use of filter tip cigarettes are highly discouraged!

More Information:

Please read through the ‘Farm Visits & Stays‘ page to give you a better understanding of conditions here on the farm.

You can also see more information regarding staying and working here on workaway.info.