Synergistic Garden by Emilia Hazelip

Great video full of good facts. Based on Natural Farming (Fukuoka).

In one hectare of soil there should be 80,000 kilos of microorganisms whereas today what we normally see is closer to about 5000 kilos per hectare.

“Soil and plants make one indivisible system. It is up to us to know how to relate to this organism.”

Seed Balling in February

Had a seed ball day in early February with some lovely guests. Was enough seed balls to go around for everyone and with the many hands available we were lucky to have managed to get them all done in the day (although they did seem to be increasing in size as the day went on).

Mixture included:

  • Red clay mix
  • White granitic clay mix
  • Mixture of fine organic matter and compost
  • Ash and charcoal
  • … and same seed mix as that used on Sandomil Seed Planting Day

Here are some photos of the event …

Spent the following day just throwing them around the south west area of the land that is mainly covered with giestas (broom brush).

Now let’s see what grows!