No to GMO!

I just wanted to post this in case I ever need to point anyone to information regarding the dangers of GMO (or anyone wanting to argue that GMO’s are safe). Most of them are very short and succinctly expressed videos explaining what GMO’s are, how they’re created and what the dangers are. Mostly excerpts from the video ‘Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of Our Lives’.

If you want to go directly to the YouTube playlist you can see here:

7 Things You Need to Know About GMO’s. The new GMO documentary, ‘GMO OMG’:

It makes me angry to see how man acts as if he has the wisdom of God. He’d be a thousand times wiser if he had the humility to admit that he knows nothing. When completely disconnected from nature there is no way to see the beauty of it’s grand design, and see that it holds all the locks and all the keys. Monsanto’s intention is not to feed the hungry, it’s to make money.

Knowing what I know, I don’t even feel that it’s about arguing over whether it’s right or wrong. I just see it like this, GMO is just plain unnecessary!

I will be adding to the list of links below as I find anything interesting so keep checking back if  you’re interested.

Biotech lies exposed: Genetically-modified corn contains practically no nutrients but is loaded with chemical poisons

Listen to Vandana Shiva as she speaks truth, one of the greatest inspirations alive today!

Update 08 November 2013

The Most Hard-Hitting GMO Report Ever Aired By The Mainstream Media