Varoa Treatments – Impromptu Interview with Harald Hafner

Harald came this morning to check the hives and mentioned how they were still recovering from the last varoa outbreak. I started asking him some questions regarding the various forms of treatment and Harald, being the wealth of knowledge that he is started overflowing with useful information that I decided would be best recorded on video and shared with others who wanted to know about the various forms of Varoa treatment and what they might be potentially ingesting should they be buying non-organic honey. In this impromptu interview, Harald discusses the organic methods such as Formic Acid, Oxalic Acid and Thymol and the non-organic methods currently available today, primarily Amitraz, which he claims is used by most probably 80-90% of non-organically certified bee keepers and which is reported to have potential carcinogenic effects. He also discusses various other ‘bio technical’ steps that can be taken for varoa treatment / mitigation.

Please forgive the video editing skills. It’s my first time, but I do hope that you enjoy and find it informative 🙂

Feel free to ask questions or comment below. I’ll try and get some answers back from Harald …